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Educational Process

The Apostle
Creative in Generation Alpha

„I was left without words when I went to the „Vasil Levski“ High School in Plovdiv to congratulate the children for the new school year 2018, and a very kind child approached me and gave me this gift… I felt like a ray of light only at the sight of the smile of that child ….


Nelly Danailova, VI A class, only 11 years old, painted her with such an incredibly authentic sense of how Levski could have felt in the last moments of her life.


I now hold her again in my hands, on the Day that we need to remember about Levski and what he went through and what he fought for … I looked at the creation of a talented and obviously well-meaning child, thanks to Olya Tiankovska, I coveted what Nelly did, even framing, professionally …

Today, we talk what a problem is the lack of professionalism and values ​​recently in Bulgaria and about this problem, which is even visible in school children, and I would add to the universities too, so here is a positive example, that  made me again enthusiastic , not to despair of what I see is happening recently in our homeland, when we are dealing with „fake heroes“and „fake causes“.


That’s why I believe that the future is in our children and the next generation of generation. That is why I believe in the „Mentors and Talents“ Program, which will invite Nelly Danailova in the spring“
Ivan Kristoff


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Study Programs

Ето една инициатива, в която имах удоволствието да бъда част от нея и Вие можете да развиете.

Services for Students

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