United #ForBulgaria | About The Institute
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About The Institute


During Dubai Helishow 2014, Ivan Krist0ff presented his plans to create Institute for Vertical Access Operations/I.V.A.N. in Bulgaria and develop campuses around the world, where there are high-rise buildings. The project is to build a multi disciplinary center for vertical and aerial rope access in his own property at  44 Br. Buxton Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria. By 2019 he will complete the Mountain Training Base with its own Mission Control and Air Traffic Control Tower near a local airfield. The base will be just 50km away from the Institute and that is where most of the off-road emergency response, rock climbing and High Angle rope rescue training will take place. The place will be just 30 minutes away by air from the near 3000 meter peaks and high mountain lakes, where Sea-Air-Land rescuers can be train in helicopter water rescue.

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The Institute will develop the next generation of leaders in multiple rope access disciplines, who exemplify excellence both in and outside the field of vertical operations.

Institute for Vertical Access Operations

Our mission is to develop the new generation of rope access technicians in a supportive training environment through goal-setting and excellent coaching.